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Benjamin Davis

Fine Artist

Benjamin has used art as means of expression since he was very young. He has always been interested in drawing, but through some very talented and encouraging high school teachers he started to learn how to paint. Benjamin has shown remarkable ability in any medium including acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal and oil. He is comfortable with any art style, but under the tutleage of one of the best known landscape artist in the West, Bonnie Posselli, he has begun to make a name for himself as an oil landscape artist.

After selecting a subject, he will decide upon the mood he wants to convey and wash the canvas with colors that will reflect those feelings. Next he blocks in the shapes and adds undertones. As he applies the paint to the canvas it is almost magical to see his subject come to life.

Benjamin was born and raised in Utah, and as you look at his selection of subjects, it is obvious that he loves the rich and dramatic colors the sun creates across the landscape. Whether it is the beauty of a sunset, the subtly of the light filtering through the leaves of a forest or the reflection off a stream or lake, he is always looking for and trying to represent the feelings he has for the landscapes he sees all around him.

Benjamin's Art

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Benjamin Davis
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